How to Build a Butt and Pass Log Home

What is a Log Home?

A log home is any home where the main building material used in its construction is logs. I am sure you have looked around the Internet and found various flavors of log home and maybe are a little confused as to what might be the best one to build. FREE INFORMATION

What is a Butt and Pass Log Home?

The term “butt and pass” refers to the way the logs are arranged while building the walls of your log home – that’s it. The logs butt and pass each other at the corners. FREE INFORMATION

How much does it cost to build a Butt and Pass Log Home?

How long is a piece of string? Sorry I will try and answer – anywhere from about $5000 – $150,000+

If you have your own land and trees then you will probably have most of the tools you need to build, so done yourself and by shopping around for materials you can build a butt and pass log home for less than the cost of buying a second hand car. However if you are buying land, logs, materials and paying for labor, then your will be looking at emptying your bank account pretty quickly. FREE INFORMATION

How do I build a Butt and Pass Log Home?

With your hands! Click here for FREE INFORMATION on how to build a butt and pass log home 🙂

Where can I learn how to build a Butt and Pass Log Home?

First I would suggest joining our FREE online community where you can ask questions and share your experiences 100% FREE and always will be. There are books and courses you can buy and if you have the money, then why not try them. FREE INFORMATION

Why can’t I find any information about Butt and Pass Log Homes?

This is a simple question to answer, because no one can make money from the butt and pass style of construction. Kits and other more complicated methods of construction can by their nature demand a premium price because they are well out of the reach of normal peoples skills to achieve. However the butt and pass method of construction is something anyone can do. FREE INFORMATION