The Butt and Pass Method

When it comes to building a log home by yourself, then we believe that the butt and pass method is the easiest, cheapest and best way to build your dream log home. This site is a “fan” site for all that want to build a butt and pass log home. We can come together here and share our ideas and experience – all freely and with the aim of helping everyone build their dream butt and pass log home. Our community forum is where we will join together and share our knowledge. – Click on the link below to join.

Why is the butt and pass method so good?

Simple and Strong

The butt and pass method of building log homes has been around for as long as people have been building log homes. Over the years the technique has been refined and simplified to a level that most home D.I.Y.’ers can take on their own log home construction using the butt and pass method.

To put it simply, you get logs, you stack them high, stick on a roof and then do they fancy stuff to enable you to live in the log home!

How to Build your own Butt and Pass Log Home


The most important part of any log home, the logs need to be thick and straight. What are the best logs to build a butt and pass log home and where can you get them from?

Log Walls and Roof

The butt and pass method of building log home walls is one of the simplest and strongest methods for building a log home. Pop on a roof and you are ready to go!

The Other Stuff

From foundations to internal walls, you can pick and choose to suit your needs and budget. The flexibility of the butt and pass method allows for some real creative buildings.

Gallery of Butt and Pass Log Homes

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